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Lookout Landing's 2016 Seattle Mariners Crossword

Edited by WiLL Shortz. ... Okay maybe not.

Julian Herbert/Getty Images

Doing the crossword is a favorite hobby of many of the members of the Lookout Landing staff. This relaxing mental exercise is a pleasant way to test your mental fortitude by yourself or with friends. I don't know about you all, but after last night's game, I could use a little bit of relaxation. So today, off day before one of the biggest home series' of that past decade, we here at Lookout Landing have compiled a crossword just for you, so that you may stretch your brain out across a couple seats.

Please be advised: Online crossword tools are decently helpful, but can only do so much, and creating a crossword on a perfect grid is a skill beyond my current capacity. Hopefully you will nonetheless enjoy this asymmetrical puzzle!

The answer key will be posted in the comments section tomorrow morning.

Good luck, and as always,

Go M's.