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75-68: The, oh man the Athletics are bad

Well how about that

you should get that burn checked out by th
you should get that burn checked out by th
Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports


dollar bill in ur pocket: Mike Zunino (.263 WPA)

jury duty: Kyle Seager (-.140 WPA)

Well too little, too late, etc but you can't deny that WHOO BOY they can do it when they want to...or something. Something Something. Boy sure would have been nice had they decided to do this when they were inches away from the second wild-card but you know, I'm not going to complain. I'm going to instead say that it is good, indeed good! that they beat the Athletics this afternoon, despite the fact that they are all gonna be wearing matching sweatpants on the couch October while, I don't know, fucking Madison Bumgarner hits a two-run homer in the World Series or something stupid like that. Ugh.

Well today it was James Paxton and he was fine, mostly fine in his six innings of work which saw him giving up only two runs while hitting some decent velocity and reminding us all that his head of cerberus was actually the one that didn't get cut off by the bad guys with big shiny swords. Felix may be broken and Taijuan likes Suicide Squad, but...

wait, no I meant

Dude can you not wait a god damned s---


--told you so, jesus christ.

Thanks, Kate.

So yeah, Paxton was mostly fine, and we got to see Mike Zunino hit a two run ding-donger. It all came down in the second with some wild madness, and then it all just sort of stewed for a while, like when you put the noodles in after the water boils so it doesn't overflow or whatever, and then it just kind of sits there, threatening some kind of action, but does nothing. Maybe your roommate comes in and bops the side of the pan. Well, the roommate today was shockingly Ketel Marte, who followed up a double from Mike Zunino and a single from Leonys Martin to score the runner (Ben Gamel, pinching for Mike), to get the Mariners that extra run to finally close out the game. You know, tomorrow the Vogelbach joins the squad, and they will finally be able to have more bodies out in the confines to fill situations just like this. But for one you kind of have to be amazed that we even have a Ben Gamel in the first place with however many games left to go, whether or not it all amounts to anything in the first place. The Yankees may be nipping at the edges of the Wild Card, but we've got some kids and a fire closer ready for a new season, so you know what? I'll take this any day.

Of course, it's late, and we don't know what rests for us after the next couple of days, or if anything could even bring them further than where they sit at the moment. Instead we get to sit--sit and drink a beer, and pretend the football men aren't doing the football thing and wonder, wonder what could be, what might be. And so on they biz, bizzing on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.