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Taijuan Walker optioned to Tacoma, Arquimedes Caminero called up (UPDATE)

how about this for a monday news dump

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Well that's....something.

If you recall, Walker pitched last on Saturday--supposedly healthy and ready to face the music after only a single rehab start. Then he gave up six runs in four innings without a single strikeout, notching two walks in the process. Now this could mean any number of things. But instead of trying to decide what those things could be--from rushing him back to wondering where he's at--we're left instead with just the simple facts: Taijuan's spot on the roster will now be covered by one Arquimedes Caminero, newest Mariner and possessor of easily the best name on the entire roster, front to back, top to bottom.

If you're confused over how to feel about this then here:

Drive Canyonero

Biz Caminero


I spoke to some Mariners' people, and the best I can tell this is an acknowledgement that Walker was rushed back, and that the team is trying to see as many bullpen options as possible as they try to find a late inning alignment that will work for the stretch drive.