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Mariners Call Up Altavilla, Lee, Venditte, Create Space for Them In Multiple Ways

Moves, Moves, and MORE Moves!

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Early on a Saturday is a time for Gatorade, coffee, cold pizza, and of course, roster moves.

A lot going on here. First of all, Altavilla is a bit of a surprise, but an exciting move and one that fills the Mariners’ open spot on the 40-Man roster. It would be a lot to expect Díaz style production from the 23 year old, but his 10.32 K/9 and 1.91 ERA/3.03 FIP in his first pro season as a reliever are encouraging.

There’s also this, courtesy of Kate’s Twitter.

It is discouraging to see Tom go down, but hopefully he will be right for the stretch run, and Altavilla’s velocity can hopefully slot in well there. Venditte’s numbers suggest that despite his amphibious ambidextrous nature, he is far more effective as a lefty, against lefties.

With Seager expected back, Freeman is back in AAA which is probably good, since Shawn O’Malley clearly has 3rd base covered anyways, and hopefully Dae-Ho’s time off will have his mind ready to smack some curveballs. Nori.... I’m happy he’s getting another break, and I’ll leave it at that.