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Drew Storen to 15 day DL, Guillermo Heredia called up from Tacoma

The Mariners call up OF Guillermo Heredia and put Drew Storen on the DL retroactive to August 20

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

There's no way to know if the Mariners had already planned to call up Heredia prior to last night's ninth inning defensive tragicomedy, but this move serves as a balm both for the team, and for its fans, who had not expected to see the 2013 Mariners appear again so soon.

It's a bit of an interesting move to not pull up another reliever, particularly given the state of the bullpen right now, but I think that speaks more to the dearth of good arms in Tacoma (miss you, Blake Parker!) than the value assigned to Heredia. He'll most likely be used as a late inning substitution, and if he starts it will be primarily to give one of the regulars a break, as evidenced by the lineups for tonight, which features Norichika Aoki once again hitting lead off this evening, and taking full advantage of baseball's move-on-or-eternally-suffer 162 game season. However, before we move on from yesterday, let's take a moment to revel in Staff Genius Erick Blankenship's groundbreaking SnarkCast

Okay, excellent, now we can move on.

In terms of the news about Drew Storen I cannot, unfortunately, offer any reassurances about the state of his shoulder, but can definitely say he will either recover soon and be back to his relatively competent self, or his velocity will continue to be down and we will continue to not breathe during the innings he pitches. If you'd like to feel considerably better about a recently-shaky bullpen, Tony Zych has had some excellent rehab starts and will also likely be back on the team once rosters expand, if not sooner.

Here's hoping tonight is better than yesterday. Goms, gobiz, etc.