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Daily Double 66-56 Chart and Recap

The Force is not with the LL staff tonight. Sorry bout this, folks!

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Grape popsicles fit for a king: Felix Hernandez (0.373 WPA)

Cherry popsicles because no one else in the house will eat them: Seth Smith (-0.148 WPA)

Jerry the Jedi: (3+10) - (1+2) = +10

At the game last night I (somewhat obnoxiously?) asked everyone I came in contact with if they could name a single player on the Milwaukee Brewers. No, Ryan Braun could not count, and it had to be someone on the current roster, so Jonathan Lucroy was out too. Of the many people I terrorized only two were able to provide a name beyond the aforementioned two and, to be honest, I’m still not sure Scooter Gennett was just a name someone made up. Long story short, that seems to be an apt, if underwhelming, metaphor for this goofy little series. I’m sure Wisconsin is great, and I’m sure Milwaukee is the cherry pie on top of a lovely state, but the Brewers are not a terribly alluring interleague team, nevermind that they’re currently brewing deep in the cellar of the NL Central. We’re allowed to snark a bit here because, for so many years, the Mariners were the team that other (good) teams looked forward to playing.

Where last night’s game had a few more nail-biting moments then expected, tonight’s game played out almost exactly like what we had all envisioned a series with the Brewers would be. A four run eighth inning topped off a final 8-2 score, giving fans some breathing room they haven’t felt in a while. Nearly every starter had a hit tonight (it’s okay Seth, even All Star Dads have to nap every so often), and it finally seems like someone whacked the tiny, drumming Energizer bunny inside the part of Norichika Aoki’s brain that allows him to focus on hitting. As evidenced from Jerry’s Equation above, the Mariners did not just Control the Zone, they Jedi Mastered the Zone (this is how you make a Star Wars joke, yes?) with only two strikeouts throughout the full nine.

Michael Accorsi Zunino carried on his personal Renaissance with a monstrous home run in the seventh and beautiful two run double in the eighth. Leonys Martin reminded everyone what can happen when you swing like that and actually make contact with the ball, and Aoki was fascinatingly competent throughout. Félix Hernández reminded us that a New King is still a king and blew through the Brewers line up for eight full innings, with eight strikeouts and just one walk to earn his 151st career win. Steve Cishek arrived back from the DL in style with a hitless ninth inning, including two strikeouts and the return of a filthy slider.

I have to apologize for not giving this recap the usual stellar LL treatment, but fortunately the Ms won, which (hopefully) means you're all in your usual kind, optimistic, and benevolent moods. The Mariners are 10 over .500 now and within snatching distance of a wild card spot. Tomorrow it's not supposed to be this hot. Life is good.