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Credit Where Due: Lind & Aoki

Adam Lind and Nori Aoki were brought in to provide stability to a promising lineup. They didn't early, but they have recently.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners are on a nice run of late. The offense is doing enough to get by despite relying on a paper thin pitching staff to keep them in the game. While the big bats of Nelson Cruz and Kyle Seager have been quite helpful, and the unusual suspects Shawn O'Malley and Mike Zunino have been quality players as of late. However, there's a pair of veterans who have picked up the slack in the "second half" of the season: Adam Lind and Norichika Aoki.



That's right, the much maligned first baseman and left fielder have been quality MLB hitters over the past month, providing depth to the lineup that was lacking previously.

Lind hasn't been hitting for any more power, but he's been more patient and it's paid off, turning the left-handed batsman back into a league average hitter. While a league average hitter isn't anything special at first base, it's a hell of a lot better than a below-average hitter at first. At this rate, Lind is on his way to earning a multi-year contract in free agency instead of a one-year, make good deal.

Aoki, on the other hand, is being far less patient, attacking the ball as his way of getting on base, and boy has it worked. While his defense in left is still adventurous to say the least, an above-average OBP is a huge step in the right direction, especially since the club feels set on batting him at the top of the order.

Of course, we're dealing with small samples here, so maybe a second half surge isn't realistic from either player. But, based on their histories, getting a pair of at least average hitters makes sense, and would be one hell of a bonus for an offense that already boasts middle of the order bats.