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8/15: Open Game Thread

Félix Hernández vs. Ricky Nolasco

do you guys think I should change my name to Scot with one t?
do you guys think I should change my name to Scot with one t?
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Okay look let's get this out of the way:

This suuuuuuuuuuucks. It SUCKS. It sucks with the force of a black hole that's been mainlining Red Bulls and Pixie Stix. Later tonight I will be assembling a coven of my most powerful witch friends deep in the recesses of Lincoln Park and we will together cast a spell to neutralize the power of the vengeful mer-goddess who resents the Mariners appropriating her intellectual property/collection of snatched souls and has written James Paxton's name on the wall of her underwater reliquary. Feel free to stop by with your own offerings, grimoires, talismans, etc. BYOS (Bring Your Own Sigils).

On to today's game! Félix will try to be Good Félix again, and the Mariners will try to outwit Ricky Nolasco, who says yes to more parties in LA. Always nice when a guy gets to be where he wants to be, eh Tom? Nolasco doesn't have sparkling numbers on the year but his last three starts since moving to the Angels have seen him go 8 innings of three-hit, one run ball against the White Sox; a shaky outing against Oakland where he gave up six runs in as many innings; and most recently, a more workmanlike performance of six innings and two earned runs against the Cubs in which he was a hard-luck loser. It's hard to predict what kind of performance Nolasco will turn in, but he's far from unhittable; hopefully the Mariners bats will wake up a little and deliver some real magic, unlike what's offered at cheesy Disney-lite Angel Stadium and their insufferable light wave.

Today's Lineups

Norichika Aoki - LF Yunel Escobar - 3B
Seth Smith - DH Kole Calhoun - RF
Robinson Cano - 2B Mike Trout - CF
Nelson Cruz - RF Albert Pujols - DH
Kyle Seager - 3B Andrelton Simmons - SS
Adam Lind - 1B Ji-Man Choi - 1B
Mike Zunino - C Jett Bandy - C
Leonys Martin - CF Cliff Pennington - 2B
Ketel Marte - SS Nick Buss - LF
Felix Hernandez - RHP Ricky Nolasco - RHP

Game Time: 7:05 PST
Viewing pleasure: ROOT, FSW
Listening pleasure: 710 ESPN