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Luis Sardiñas Traded to Padres

Fare thee well, Sardiñas, we hardly knew thee

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re reading this you’re one of the eight people, including myself, who still maintained a modicum of interest in Luis Sardiñas. Well, the eight of us plus A.J. Preller, apparently

Whatever world he’s living in right now, I’m sure it’s infinitely more entertaining than this one.

Sardiñas was traded to the Mariners for Ramón Flores in the blockbuster Milwaukee Brewers trade at the end of November. If you’ll recall, this was the time when it seemed that beneath Jerry Dipoto’s cheery exterior lay a dark compulsion that only more trades could satisfy. As a young, switch-hitting utility infielder with some speed, it seemed like a savvy depth move at the time but ultimately little came from him. In the midst of every Mariner developing some sort of injury or disease Sardiñas played in 32 games and got 77 plate appearances but was generally underwhelming. If you’re an infielder but your highlight statistics for the season include a hitless inning in relief against the Chicago Cubs, a trade like this should not come as a surprise. He was DFA'd less than a week ago for Jarrett Grube (who?) but Jerry sprinkled some of his magic on Sardiñas and has somehow managed to get something in return.

Bottom line, the Mariners will get a San Diego Padres Mystery Gift Basket, and Sardiñas will likely now get to play for a team with one of the more terrifying mascots in baseball

My biggest disappointment is that there’s no longer a chance he’ll play every position for the Mariners this year.

**Pro Sporcle tip of the day: Sardiñas hit his first Major League home run this season on April 5, against the Texas Rangers.