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Sporcle Friday: Mariners leadoff batters since Ichiro

Which players have been setting the table for the Seattle Mariners since they parted ways with Ichiro?

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Earlier this week Ichiro Suzuki did a thing. By itself, it was a fairly small thing; however, when combined with 2999 other things, it became a very big thing. Congratulations on joining the 3000 hit club, Ichiro. You've been the most unique superstar that MLB has seen for a long time.

To make this Sporcle Ichiro-centric, I've decided to ask all of you fine Lookout Landers to name the Mariners players who have batted leadoff since Ichiro was traded away more than four years ago. Since his departure, 22 different players have started a game at the top of the M's batting order. These hitters have combined for an OPS of 0.657 and a wRC+ of 85. That's... not great. This is something that Seattle has struggled with recently and it remains a problem that Jerry Dipoto/Scott Servais have yet to solve. Hopefully they figure it out soon.

Note: These are the players that started the game at the #1 spot in the batting order; this list doesn't include players who were subbed into the top spot later in a game. Also, the year(s) column corresponds to the year(s) in which a player batted leadoff for the M's. Good luck!