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Luis Sardinas DFA’d, Jarrett Grube unearthed, recalled

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Oakland Athletics
See? A real, and not totally made up baseball player

I had a conversation with a media member at last night’s game, who told me that Jerry Dipoto just absolutely loves the waiver wire period, for building a bullpen. You can see why, I suppose. You’re looking for a useful, piece cheap skill that you think can eek out 15-20 useful innings down the stretch, and teams tend to set those out on the street curb with a “FREE” sign, for many reasons around this time of year.

Even still, I, um, don’t really know anything about this dude:

And for every addition to the 40-man, there is a casualty:

Luis Sardinas is 23, a former prospect, and is potentially heading to his 4th organization in the past two+ years. The shine is off, and as he cannot hit, even a little bit, I can’t imagine he has much of a future in the major leagues. That is a true statement, and a bit of a sad one I suppose.

Jarrett Grube was a 10th round draft pick way back in 2004. His only MLB experience was in 2014 with the Angels, when he threw 0.2 innings, and allowed a home run. He was acquired on June 9th, after being released by the Indians. I have never heard of him, and had no idea he was in the organization.

At this point Jerry Dipoto and the bullpen are like the kid who builds a tower of Legos primarily for the thrill of smashing it to pieces, only to rebuild it and smash it again. Jarrett Grube is here, and he will be in uniform tonight as the Mariners attempt to push towards the playoffs, and sweep the Detroit Tigers.

Ok, then.