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Taijuan to 15-day DL, Jesus Sucre called up, and MORE!

The Mariners make a bevy of roster changes in anticipation for the All Star break.

quando el azúcar es tan dulce
quando el azúcar es tan dulce
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Seeing as the Mariners 2016 rotation has apparently fallen under the wrath of the Dark Lord Apollyon of the Great Blackened Abyss, a whole bunch of roster moves were made this afternoon in an attempt to appease fate and step out from under the curse. In case you missed it:

Alright, so I have to confess, part of that first paragraph isn't true. I know what you're thinking: of course the Mariners aren't actually cursed, this isn't some fantasy world with spells and hexes and what have you! Well, joke's on you, you're wrong (did you know there is apparently an actual curse designed for the IRS?)! The lie is that the Mariners made these roster moves in an attempt to address the impossible beyond which awaits us all. No, Jerry and the boys are simply stretching the roster out to the best of its ability over the next couple of days until they can maximize the off days to get the team back in good order next Friday against the Astros.

Still, you can't help but read at least a little something into the moves. As Shannon Drayer notes, Zunino's demotion is designed mainly to get the guy some playing time, and by no means means should you think you wont see him again before the end of the season. Sucre is on the 40-man, so he gets the call over Rob Brantly. And while Taijuan probably should have gone to the DL a little earlier--you don't fuck with curses, people--it's gonna be a little nice to spend most of those days at home when he would be there anyway, watching Robinson Cano dribble a grounder through the middle on television.

MiMo is set to pitch on Sunday before the break, and Rollins' recall will help to bolster the pen, which may even see more moves before we turn our attention down to San Diego. So there you have it, folks. Call me when they add Edgar to the 40-man.