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M's Deadline Rumor Roundup

Less than 48 hours remain, so what's the talk around the stove, and is it hot?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

The trade deadline comes our way early in the afternoon on Monday, and the Mariners -- currently sitting at 52-50 -- are going to have their name thrown around. Here's where we're at so far:

  • There's been some chatter surrounding Jay Bruce, and while it appears the Mariners at least inquired about cost, every expectation is that he'll end up elsewhere -- likely to Dodgers or the Mets. The idea of Bruce in Seattle never made sense; he's a solid outfielder, but he'd have some problems in Safeco and would be worth, at best, an extra win over the rest of the year, and a win or two next year.
  • Staying in Cincy, there is something more than just bluster to the idea of a trade involving Zack Cozart. Ralph Bowden himself floated a terrible trade idea -- Ketel Marte and Tyler O'Neill for Bruce and Cozart -- but the idea of Cozart coming to the Pacific Northwest has merit. Marte has been a disappointment and could use some more time in the minors, and Cozart is still under contract for next year. Don't expect it to happen, but it's reasonable.
  • In the division, the Mariners are apparently looking at reliever Joe Smith of the Angels, a former DiPoto acquiree. The Angels are toasty, so they're looking sell off some older pieces, and Smith fits the bill. However, Smith hasn't been good this year, and is owed more than $5 million next year.
  • Over on the selling side, apparently the Orioles are intrigued by our very own Wade Miley. While Mr. Miley has been better as of late and his contract isn't too much of a burden next year, perhaps moving ourselves out from under his beard would be for the best. We'll see if the Orioles are willing to give up anything of value in return, and if they are, it's worth serious consideration.