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Sporcle Friday: Mariners players with a HR before their age-23 season

Young men dropping bombs. Same as it ever was.

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

The Mariners continue to mash home runs this season at an incredibly high rate. 138 in 95 games! Only Baltimore has more. It’s been pretty ridiculous and a ton o’ fun. However, as a result, I have DINGERS ON THE BRAIN. I know that last week’s quiz was home run-centric, but today’s is also going to ask you about some Mariners sluggers. Specifically, young Mariners sluggers. This quiz isn’t particularly topical like many of the recent ones have been; I just thought it sounded like it might be fun. (I was also looking for a way to use a picture of Junior as the main image.)

Today I’m asking you to name all of the Mariners players who managed to hit a HR before their age-23 season (i.e., the season when a player turns 23-years-old before July 1st). This has been by accomplished by 28 different gentlemen. How many of them can you recall? (Note: If it's unclear, the number of HRs listed below is the number that were hit before a player's 23-year-old season.)

Good luck!