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Kyle Lewis suffers significant knee injury, done for the season

Get well soon, Kyle

Stephen Brashear/Getty Images

First-round pick Kyle Lewis suffered an apparent knee injury on a collision at home plate during an Everett AquaSox game on Tuesday afternoon. The injury was confirmed this evening, and a whole bunch of parts of the knee were involved:

This is a brutal setback for Lewis, who was mashing his way through the Northwest League (.299/.385/.530, 155 wRC+) and seemed destined for a promotion to either Class-A Clinton or High-A Bakersfield sooner rather than later. To have it happen on a play where a catcher was blocking the plate in a not-really-close-at-all-like-seriously-at-all play in a mid-July, short season game makes it all the more frustrating.

The good news is that knees aren't death sentences. The bad news is that rehab for knee injuries is long and painful because knees are designed in the same lab as most IKEA furniture. The delay this puts on Lewis' development is a major bummer for everyone involved.

Get well soon, Kyle. I think we're all already counting the days until we get to watch this swing again: