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7/14: Rainiers open thread

Let's baseball.

Was the All-Star Break always four days? I feel like it used to be three, back when I was younger, we had no internet, tore down walls, and the Dream Team was hottest thing in town. Well this year it's four days, and that's probably the right amount of time.

Three days feels like the perfect break as a fan. By the end of three days, you're ready for baseball again. After spending three straight months gorging almost nightly on the game, a 72 hour spiritual and emotional alka-seltzer is good to calm the stomach. But four days? Four days is perfect because it's just one day too long. By the end of four days, if you're like me, you're right back to actively missing the game. You've grown impatient, and regardless of whether they win or lose you just want to be able to go back to turning on the tv after work and yelling for/at them for whatever awesome/stupid shit they've decided to do.

Tonight, the first place Tacoma Rainiers resume their schedule under a brilliant Northwest Summer sky, in the shadow of the mountain that they are named for. It's hard to imagine a more pristine and perfect night for a baseball game. Here is Tacoma's lineup:

As if that weren't enough we have BONUS big league ramifications:

You've still got time, it's light out til 9:30. Get to Cheney, watch a game.


Game info

  • Sky Sox @ Rainiers, 7:05 PM PDT, Cheney Stadium
  • TV: No, Radio: KHHO 850 AM, Online: MiLB.TV