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We Have The Bonesaw, So Have a Beer

You're going nowhere. I've got you for three minutes. Three minutes of PLAAAYTIME

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

In the past few years, the Seattle Mariners have been celebrating the rare feat of a big hit with a celebration that was both beloved and questionable.

It is believed that some of the players that had spearheaded that operation have become fathers and found it no longer appropriate to execute in the workplace. 2016 has been a new year and been welcome with some new faces and was in need of a new attitude, and a new celebration. So with that in mind it wasn't long into the season that we were introduced to the BONESAW.

Now this is pure speculation, but this celebration looks very similar to the taunt that the crowd delivered in Spider-Man supporting Bone Saw McGraw in his classic three minute steel cage match with the titular hero.

In my mind, this may be the only thing that I remember from these Spider-Man movies. Wait, Lowell from Wings was a villain in one of them. So two things, but the Bonesaw moment is iconic.

What had seemed like a throwaway bit from a blockbuster is starting to spread like a wildfire. First Cano started doing it, then Martin, even eventually Dad got in on the action. Hell, we've even seen one from AAA Tacoma's Nori Aoki.

Not only that, it's also a fun celebration when you've had a couple Bud Heavies at Safeco Field.

I believe that this is an incredibly round about way of saying it, but it's really proving that this team is having fun out there. If there is anything I learned from Little Big League, it's that Wedman kills the Tigers and that baseball is about having fun. Whenever I see these hunks doing the bonesaw, I know that they're having as much fun playing the game as I am watching.

So raise your glass, have a beer, and salute the BONESAW.