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2016 MLB All Star Game Open Thread


Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks, we finally made it to the most important day of the season: the day we find out if the Cubs will play more games on the road or at home this October!

This year we've got a smattering of baseball's brightest and best, like Bartolo Colon, Michael Saunders, that one guy from the Rockies, and don't you dare forget, the empty ice cube tray that now holds one injured Steve Clevenger! Robinson Cano is the only Mariner represented in tonight's action, and if things go as they usually do he should be seeing some playing time sometime between the fourth and seventh innings. Very precise, I know. I am good at the math.

Activity is already underway, so I apologize for getting this up late. Talk and drink on my friends, and as always, gom....wait uh...go....the sport...guy

Game Info:

  • do we really need this ok yes American Leage good hits players vs National League make ball go far guys
  • TV: FOX
  • Online: Fox Sports Go