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MLB Draft open thread

The 2020 Mariners may be about to acquire an exciting young player!

Marc Serota/Getty Images

The MLB Draft is, of all the major sports, the runt of the draft litter. The NBA and NFL fill fancy venues, command prime time spots for days at a time, and provide fans with overnight franchise changers. The MLB Draft is stuck in the cable wildnerness of the MLB Network, and only until recently largely consisted of the little alien inside Bud Selig’s skin suit trying its best to properly work the gears and levers while passing Selig off as human.

The relative anonymity of the draftees, the combined college/high school aspect, and the patience necessary for even the very best prospects to become impactful major leaguers makes the MLB Draft a tough seller for the casual viewer. However, sexy TV product or no the draft’s importance is very real. As such for the small but passionate group of you who have taken the time to educate/follow the lead up to the draft, here is an open thread for you to discuss the first night’s activities.

Baseball America, one of the better known mock drafts, has the Mariners selecting Boston College right-hander Justin Dunn, noting that he has "the most helium in the draft". That sounds like a fun trick for the clubhouse!

In addition, staff writer Ethan Novak has spent the past few months regularly outlining a group of potential draftees, all of which you can read here. Fellow staff member, Baseball Prospectus writer, and all-around Tall Person Brendan Gawlowski will be around to write up and break down the pertinent information on the Mariner’s selections. You should ask questions of Brendan, about baseball anyway. Don’t ask him about cooking.

It’s the MLB Draft and the Mariners are about to enlist the talents of a variety of new players. It’s the first chance to see how Jerry Dipoto's front office handles the draft, and it should be eventful evening.