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Sporcle Friday: M's pitchers with 7+ ER in a Mariners win

Sometimes a pitcher is very bad but his teammates are /very/ good.

Sad Wade.
Sad Wade.
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

What the Mariners did yesterday was absurd. And great! For so many reasons. Among those, Wade Miley became just the third M's pitcher to give up nine or more earned runs in a game that Seattle went on to win. Because it's late while I'm writing this, I realllly considered giving y'all a Sporcle with just three correct answers... but that seemed a little cheap. Instead, I've expanded the contents of this quiz to M's pitchers who gave up 7+ ER in a game that the Mariners won. This has happened 28 times in franchise history. Four men have actually done this on more than one occasion. Crazy! How many of these players can you name? Good luck, my friends.

(Reminder: The pitchers themselves did not need to record a win to be included on this list.)