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Sporcle Friday: Mariners hitters who've grounded into double plays in the most consecutive games

Grounding into double plays is bad and not good.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, friends. Yesterday sure wasn't a fun day for Mariners baseball. Neither was Wednesday. Or Tuesday. Or the three days before that... I reckon that most of the folks who read this blog are well aware that the Mariners have been Very Bad and Very Frustrating lately. But did you know that Nelson Cruz tied a 28-year-old team record this past week? Because he did! Cruz grounded into a double play in four consecutive games. What an accomplishment! Nelson is obviously a supremely talented batter (in that absurdly dumb loss yesterday his two home runs were pretty neat), but he's definitely had some rough at-bats in high-leverage situations recently. Here's hoping yesterday's dingers are a sign that he's about to embark on another one of his super hot streaks.

Because it's "fun" to come up with topical Sporcle quizzes, this week I'm asking you to name all of the M's players who've grounded into double plays in 3+ consecutive games. This has been done 34 times in franchise history by 31 different players. I realize that this Sporcle topic is sad and shitty, but the Mariners have been sad and shitty lately, so what else can we do but play along?

Warning: This quiz seems hard. Good luck!