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The Ken Griffey Jr Storybook Collection

An attempt to trace the legacy of Seattle's first, and greatest sports star.

Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

In thirty-two days Ken Griffey Jr. will become the first player to be inducted in the Baseball Hall of Fame as a Seattle Mariner. He will go in with the closest thing to a unanimous vote any player has ever had, and possibly will ever have. An iconic athlete, with generational talent, combined with stylesocial conscious, terrific branding, and memorable moments, Griffey is, for a generation of Northwesterners, the rare childhood memory that time has been kind to.

Everyone seemingly has a Griffey story. I've shared mine, and during this past year's hall of fame voting so many others did as well. But there are always more than enough writers, storytellers, and columnists trying to out do themselves with their prose and tributes. Ken Griffey Jr. was, and perhaps always will be, the defining athlete of the city of Seattle; our first superstar, perhaps our greatest talent, and a key figure in arguably the most memorable sports moment in our region's history. His reach, his influence, is felt almost everywhere, and by everyone.

As a way of celebrating his induction, and his legacy in Seattle, we are asking you, our readers, to contribute your Griffey stories. It can be famous, mundane, trivial, personal, impersonal, signed, anonymous, funny, heartfelt, anything. Ideally these will be about 100-300 words in length, but shorter/longer is perfectly acceptable. Don't worry about being clever, or writing well, or saying the right thing. Authenticity is what we're going for here. We're going to push to collect and collate hopefully hundreds of these, and then present them to the internet at large, when the induction ceremony is at hand.

We've tried to make it easy with the Google Form embedded below. Just type away, give us or name (or not!), push send, and we'll get it. If you have any questions/concerns/comments, feel free to leave them in the comments.

Thanks! Let's make something awesome.