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Adrian Sampson is coming

Hair and power joke here

You will notice he is not a Pirate anymore
You will notice he is not a Pirate anymore
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Well folks we have some fresh news for ya:

That's right, Adrian Sampson, the Skyline High School product and thus local boy, appears to be Shipping Out To Boston to play with his hometown squad for the first time. Without a corresponding move, it's difficult to speculate whether this is a move to bolster the bullpen, as Sampson has been used as a starter down in AAA Tacoma, or something...else. Speculation may be that Felix is going on the DL for a long time, or maybe Steve Johnson has finally seen his time come to an end in Seattle. WHO KNOWS!?

What this does represent, is the first player to wear a Mariner uniform that I hit a bomb off of. Sure, we were sixteen, but it's a fact. So, cool day for me. Hope you're having a cool day too.

We will update as the second shoe drops.

Also, quit dropping your shoes all over the place you filthy animal.