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Sporcle Friday: Qualified M’s hitters with a season-long wRC+ ≥135

Three Mariners regulars currently have a wRC+ ≥135. How many M's have accomplished this feat in this past?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sporcle is back! I apologize for neglecting all of you fine LLers last week; I was dumb and busy with moving and I simply forgot how days of the week work (i.e., Friday comes the day after Thursday. It is not Thursday two days in a row.) In any case, I am here now. The Mariners won yesterday, which is fun and good, so let's have a HAPPY SPORCLE QUIZ this week.

As I write this (5:18 PM on Thursday, June 16th, sunlight streaming in through the window behind me on a quintessentially lovely late spring/early summer Seattle evening), FanGraphs says that Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Kyle Seager have wRC+'s of 151, 149, and 135, respectively. Those numbers rank as 12th, 14th, and 34th best in MLB, which is pretty neat. In franchise history, the Mariners have only had three (qualified) teammates finish with wRC+'s ≥135 on three occasions: 1996, 1998, and 1999. More recently, they've only had two regulars total finish with a wRC+ ≥135 over the last decade.

Your objective for this week's quiz is to recall every qualified M's hitter who managed a season-long wRC+ ≥135. This is a feat that has only been accomplished 35 times in franchise history (by 13 different individuals). Because there are only 13 correct answers, the time limit for this quiz is short. I would suggest that you limber your fingers up before you hit "PLAY". Drink that coffee now, not later. I suspect that many people will get 100%, but a few of those players from the earlier M's teams may stump you if you've been neglecting your Sporcle studies. We'll see! Good luck, my friends.

Reminder: Qualified means 3.1 PA per game over the course of a season (i.e., 502 PA in a 162-game season). This disqualifies Ken Phelps, which is a shame. In 1753 PA with Seattle, Phelps put up a wRC+ of 144, which is the second best in M's history (min 1000 PA). However, Phelps never managed more than 450 PA in a season with the M's.