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MLB Draft day three open thread

Rounds 11-30 let's do it

Let's hope we drafted another one of these eh
Let's hope we drafted another one of these eh
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Hello, all, let us gather for some fun on the farm this morning. Sure, you say that it's well past planting season, but I say you're dead wrong and potatoes can go into the ground at anytime.

The MLB Draft winds down today with Rounds 11-30 starting at 9AM PST. I hope you are ready for the absolutely insanity that is about to ensue as you can follow a plethora of different sites to watch lists of names get longer and longer as the day wears on. Live coverage is over at where they will also direct you to some analysis by people who have maybe even a small idea of who some of these names belong to. Dreams will be made, tears will be shed, and all before your second cup of coffee.

Here's what the M's have done so far, also here's a complete round-up for all thirty teams.