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The Mariners are Bad Dogs at Petco Park

No bones about it.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Do you ever wake up with a good feeling? One of those days where you know that nothing and nobody is capable of stopping you? The sort of day where you're crushing it professionally and personally when all of the sudden, you ask someone to hold the elevator for you and they pretend they don't hear you. You spill coffee on your white OCBD, Avanti runs out of Butterfinger, a conference room is taken up when you've already reserved it and the subway runs over your hat? Today was that sort of day for the Seattle Mariners.

It was a night where when anything could go wrong, went wrong. We started by hearing that Felix Hernandez was hitting the disabled list with a sore right calf. This made way for James Paxton to make his first start of the season. Paxton from the first inning on just didn't have it. He spiked what could have been a double play ball in the first and sent it to the outfield, and that was the beginning of the end. He gave up eight runs, only three earned in a pretty brutal 3.2 innings pitched.

Let's make this quick

  • Paxton's velocity was up quite a bit from the last time we saw him. He even hit 99 MPH on the gun, but his secondary stuff didn't really arrive until it was too late. It's possible that it was nerves considering his first start in the major leagues this season, but if he's going to be effective, he's going to need a feel for all of his pitches.
  • Luis Sardinas did not have a great night at shortstop, he seemingly was out of position on a few ground balls and even ended up with an error. Ketel Marte is supposed to be back Monday and that can't come soon enough.
  • Speaking of not being able to return soon enough- does anybody miss Leonys Martin in center field yet? Watching balls drop relatively close to Aoki has been pretty frustrating.
  • Tonight started well enough as Robinson Cano lined a ball over the right field wall for his sixteenth home run of the year. He continues to be on a tear. Very excited to see what he has in store for June.
  • I don't know what demonic thing I did to have the universe feel that it was alright for me to watch a Joel Peralta at bat today. If I were to guess, it's probably making Santana's "Smooth" the official song of Summer 2016. Karma is very real, folks.
Tomorrow is another day. Wade Miley takes the mound. If you watched tonight's game, there's a chance you saw some B-Roll of him wearing camouflage and a cowboy hat when everyone dressed up for the road trip he looked nice and cool and very outdoors.

Tomorrow is another day. Games like this are going to happen, this team is still performing well over our expectations and there's plenty of reasons to be excited especially as some of these key players make their way back to us from the disabled list.