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Tacoma Rainiers Game Thread

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Early morning baseball for the Rainiers

Normally, we run these on days the Mariners don't play. Today though, the Rainiers have a 10 AM game, and we're big fans of the team, players, and staff (shoutout to Brett Gleason for making my life real easy whenever I'm down there) down there. With no Mariners conflict, let's party early.

Powell 8
Taylor 6
Romero 3
Zunino 2
O'Malley 9
Baxter DH
Robertson 7
Lucas 5
Smith 4

Wieland 1

This is also the place to make a brief case for Chris Taylor joining the team. He's been the best (non-squatting) player on the field for the Rainiers this year, reaching everything at short and bashing line drives all over the field. He's a big league shortstop and I'd like to see the Mariners promote him, both because he deserves it from a performance standpoint, and because Luis Sardinas needs playing time. Sardinas is 22, has started all of five games this season (and only one since April 20th), and is hitting .125/.176/.125 since the team left Texas. This isn't good for his development. At some point, the M's need to find out if he's more than the lightest hitting utility man this side of John McDonald. They can't do so if he never plays.