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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam - Nobody Beats the Biz

The Mariners are good, and this episode is an attempt to deal with that fact.

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After a week off we are back! I will not lie when we first came up with the format for this show back in Spring Training I thought it was one well suited to coping with the Seattle Mariners. I did not anticipate it being a place where we would be celebrating them. Life comes at you fast, as they say.

Today we're more than anything basking in the Mariners' dream start to the season. We talk adjusted expectations, Robbie Cano, waaaaay too much about Felix Hernandez's struggles, and a few other team related topics.

THEN, we are joined by staff writer, longtime Fangraphs contributor, and father of "gobiz" Zach Sanders. We discuss Zach's branding genius and failures in alcohol consumption, along with some interesting chatter about the past, present, and future of analytics.

The show closes out with some Twitter Q&A, David yelling about/at Jake Arrieta, and some other chicanery before we allow you peace and quiet.


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Dome and Bedlam VIII

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