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Sporcle Friday: M's pitchers who have given up 4+ unearned runs in a game

Every once in awhile a pitcher's defense lets him down in a big way.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners are coming off of two of their most entertaining wins of the season. Leonys's walk-off on Tuesday was magical and the M's drubbing of Oakland on Wednesday (injury aside) was so much fun. However, I know that these feelings of JOY and ELATION are somewhat foreign to many Mariners fans; to bring you back into your comfort zone, today's Sporcle will focus on a relatively dour subject (one that ties into last Monday's game).

On Monday, the Mariners lost to the A's by a score of 5-0. It was not fun. In that game, thanks in large part to the escapades of Chris Taylor, Taijuan Walker surrendered four unearned runs. That is a lot. Tai became the 57th pitcher in franchise history to give up four or more unearned runs in a game. Today's quiz asks you to name all 57 of these individuals.

In my opinion, this quiz is terrifyingly difficult. There are multiple players on here that I had never heard of. One of these gentlemen pitched a total of 3 innings for the Mariners. Another recorded just 4.2 IP in his entire MLB career. There are also a surprising number of relievers on this list, which makes it just that much harder. I apologize in advance. I've given y'all the maximum time limit allowed on Sporcle to complete this quiz, but I don't know how much that will help...if you can get more than ~27 of these, you deserve a gold star and a cookie and a high five. Good luck. Have fun. Go M's.

Note: The year listed in the left column is the year in which a player recorded his first game with 4+ UER.