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Lookout Linkage, 5/24/16

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News and stories about the Seattle Mariners and other analysis from around the league.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners lost to the stupid A's last night and will continue that series today. But before that game and before what will for many be a busy Tuesday, here are some stories to get caught up on:

  • Jason Churchill takes a close look at the changes Leonys Martin has made at the plate.
  • The Rangers are planning to build a new ballpark.
  • It didn't take long for Shin-Soo Choo to find himself on the DL again.
  • Meanwhile, Josh Hamilton will miss the rest of the season with a knee injury.
  • Sonny Gray has hit the DL with a strained right trapezius.
  • David Schoenfield warns that the Cubs' win pace isn't as special as people think.
  • The Orioles made a minor trade, shipping Brian Matusz to the Braves.
  • Despite the team's hot start, Fangraphs projections are still low on the Phillies. Dave Cameron explains why.
  • Major League Baseball is looking at making changes to the strike zone.
  • Erick Aybar checked into the hospital with quite a strange injury.