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Ketel Marte to DL, Chris Taylor recalled

Let's hope for a short stay for Ketel

Be good
Be good
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Well folks, it appears that Ketel's thumb sprain from sliding into second base in Cincinnati will require a trip to the 15-Day DL. The counter move for the roster sees Chris Taylor recalled from AAA Tacoma, Shawn O'Malley is penciled-in as today's starter at shortstop.

We all hope that Marte's stint is short-lived. The 22 year old shortstop has showed his ability to stay well above the water line in his first full-year of service, setting an fWAR pace that would see him be worth about 2 Wins by the time October rolls around. Sprained thumbs are difficult to predict. Last week I sprained the hell out of my thumb and it feels pretty okay at this point. That was a personal update but I doubt you care.

On the other hand, Chris Taylor may actually represent a defensive upgrade at the position. Still young enough to become a player of circumstance, and certainly a piece that most organizations would love to have, at 26, Taylor is being given a chance to audition not only for the Mariners, but perhaps a team that finds him interesting come July. Between O'Malley and Taylor, short will be well-covered in Marte's absence, but it's a shame to see him sidelined.

Merry Sweepsmas, regardless.