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Kyle Seager's past two weeks

Every now and then I get a little bit lonely
Every now and then I get a little bit lonely
Jason Miller/Getty Images

Between enraged Twitter bouts and spilling lava-like chili out of your mouth this weekend watching the Los Angeles Angels bloop and blink and blop and grounder their way to a series-sweep, you may have noticed something else besides your resting heart rate resembling a Dragonforce baseline. Kyle Seager is on fire. I don't mean in the sort of way where you'd need to call authorities or any sort of help. We don't want this fire suppressed. We wanna let this mothafunkah burn.

I likely don't have to remind you, but Kyle started the season off in a bad way. He was in the sort of hole that you'd look down, see ancient bones surrounded by some sort of feral wolf species yet to be discovered, hear their hungry snarls and keep walking despite the giant gold nugget the wolf was guarding. The gold was his bad luck, the wolf was BABIP, and the ancient bones were...Goose Gossage? This didn't come full circle for me. In his first 75 PA's, Kyle managed a wRC+ of 47. He had nine hits, a batting average of .134. It was bleak, but we knew it wouldn't last. His BABIP was .118. His K% only 17.3%. It wasn't as if he was just flailing all over the place. His line drive percent was double Cano's for this season, his hard hit percent was 35%. So how'd he turn around that ugly wRC+? Observe:

Hello, beautiful. Yes, over the past two weeks, Kyle Seager has been a top-20 position player in all of baseball. Check out where he falls on this current streak relative to the MLB, he's where we like him, where we're used to him. His production was always going to come around, but let's look into how Kyle Seager turned around his no-good, ugly April.

What really jumps off the screen is that .404 BABIP. Hot streaks are always fueled by a sprinkle of cinnamon, splash of pepper, and a dash of good fortune. Kyle's not above having the rub of the green. The ball is finding grass/dirt/spare change in the couch and he's not complaining. He's also, in his most recent 60 PA's, cut his season-long K% by twenty percent, dropping it from 17% to 13%. His entire season's fWAR has been accrued during this streak.

What's really changed is that Seager is now hitting even more line drives during this hot run. His LD% over the past two weeks is an outrageous 26.5%. His FB% is 53.1%. He's dropped 10% of his career GB% and flipped it over into FB% during this streak. How many times do we remember Kyle hitting a sharp grounder right into the shift in April? Well, he's beat that, simply by hitting over it. His soft contact is down to under 15%. He's squaring the ball up a lot, almost half his contact is of the Hard% variety. Of course, these are relatively subjective quantification, yet, there's been a dramatic shift. Kyle's BABIP is crazy high because he's hitting the piss out of the ball.

Finally, when it comes to plate discipline, Kyle is letting it rip a little more, and it's working. He's hitting bad pitches. His O-Contact% is up nearly ten percent, his overall contact is up a few ticks, too. He's walking almost not at all, 3.4% of his last 60 PA's, but he hasn't needed to because, generally speaking, he's too busy watching a ball fall into the right-center field gap for a double.

Seager has turned his season around rather remarkably fast over the past two weeks, and let's hope he doesn't cool off anytime soon. Currently, by fWAR, he's on pace for his best season yet. That makes me a Seager Believer.