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21-15: Chart

Hot sauce in my bag/Baseball's only here to break your heart

But who cheats on Beyonce? SHE IS BEYONCE
But who cheats on Beyonce? SHE IS BEYONCE
Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Hold Up (They don't love you like I love you): Adam Lind, .587 WPA

Sandcastles (When every promise don't work out that way): Steve Cishek, -.772 WPA

That springy sound in the beginning of "Formation"/Jerry's Equation: Mariners pitchers 4 Strikeouts and Mariners batters...1 walk? Is that right? That can't be right. Anyway, 5 minus 8 Mariners strikeouts (2 each for Seth, Cano and Cruz, that's fun) plus four Angels walks gives us...negative infinity? Is that right? That seems right.

But I was told the Angels were hosed?