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5/14: Open Game Thread

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Hisashi Iwakuma vs. Jhoulys Chacin

Please please have a good outing Kuma
Please please have a good outing Kuma
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

My power has been out for the past 25 hours (shout-out to Seattle City Light!) and the first thing I did when it came back on was run straight to this here game thread. Tonight the Mariners attempt to redeem themselves in the eyes of the BABIP gods, and here's hoping they make like Killer Mike and Run the Jhoulys right out of town.


Seems a little...grim on the Angels side, but I understand they've got a lot going on down there. This will be Chacin's debut in Angel red (which they probably call "Aged Bordeaux" or "Red Carpet" or "Jaguar's Blood" because their fanbase is very wealthy, get it) as he makes the move from the Braves to the Angels, which is a little like moving from standing in a puddle of muddy water to standing in a puddle of watery mud. But in LA they call it an artisanal California earth pore oxidizing treatment and charge you 80 dollars an hour to stand there.

Side note: I met a very annoying Angels fan while trying to while away my powerless time yesterday. Let's call her "Three Martini Susan."  She made a point of telling me she drinks martinis because they're lower in calories than the beer I was clutching. Please, Mariners, defeat the Angels and Three Martini Susan. Do it for me.

Game info:

Angels @ Mariners, 6:10 PM PDT

TV: ROOT; Radio: 710 ESPN; online: MLB.TV