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Sporcle Friday: M's wins leaders since 8/4/2005 (excluding Felix Hernandez)

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Felix has won a ton of games for the M's since he debuted more than 10 years ago. Who are the other Mariners pitchers who've managed to rack up double digit wins over that same period?

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

I imagine that most of you are already well aware of this fact, but, after picking up the W on Monday against the Rays, Felix Hernandez became the winningest pitcher in franchise history. His 146th victory pushed him past Jamie Moyer into sole possession of the #1 spot atop the M's wins leaderboard. Hooray! Feel free to belittle pitcher wins to your heart's content, but realize that this is still a pretty nifty achievement.

Since his debut on August 4th, 2005, Felix has started 341 games for the Mariners. That's a ton! Over this period, Seattle's winning percentage in games started by Felix is .554 (a ~90-win team); it's just .441 (a ~71-win team) in games started by anyone else. Thought of differently, the M's have been 37 games above .500 when Felix starts and 161(!) games below .500 when he doesn't.

To highlight just how dominant Felix has been for Seattle over the past ~11 years, today's Sporcle asks you to try and recall the other M's pitchers with the most wins since Felix's debut (8/4/2005). 23 different players have earned 10+ wins. How many of them can you name? Good luck!