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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam, Episode 5 with Shannon Drayer

Sarah McLachlin, Dingers in Texas, and some Serious Discussion.

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You know someone smart once told me the best thing for a podcast is to be consistently releasing new episodes. So it stands to reason that us being us we took two weeks off after the first month. Please hire us to work at your company.

Today on the show the inimitable Shannon Drayer joins us, and she is a blast. We talk CtZ, Robinson Cano, locker room dynamics, and the possibility that the Mariners might actually be doing something no one else is doing. Huge thanks to Shannon for being on the show. It would be very easy for the mainstream media to ignore a lowly blog but we've found friendly, helpful, good people almost everywhere we've turned in that regard. Be thankful for those that cover the beat for this team, you all.

After Shannon leaves us David, Scott and myself do about a 20 minute end zone dance over the first series of the season, and then staff writer Brendan Gawlowski joins us to talk over/unders, the minor leagues, and good common sense.

A little head's up it would appear that something got fiddled with on my end and I sound like I'm broadcasting from inside the fridge Indiana Jones survived that nuclear explosion in. I apologize for the below average audio quality, and I'll try to make sure that's figured out for next week.

As always you can find us on iTunes, and RATE us FIVE STARS, so that we..... I don't actually know what that does, to be honest.

Soundcloud is here:

Dome and Bedlam V

Thanks as always for listening. Let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback in the comments.

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