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Sporcle Friday: Longest Mariners home run streaks

Robinson Cano has hit a dinger in the first three games of 2016. Can you name all of the previous M's hitters who've had HR streaks of 3+ games?

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Baseball is back, my friends. I hope that everyone enjoyed the first series of 2016. It was pretty fun, and this team has already given us a lot to talk/think/get excited about. For example, ROBBIE IS A HOME RUN-HITTING MACHINE. Four dingers in the first three contests! What a dude. Inspired by that feat, this week's quiz asks you to name all of the previous M's hitters who've had home run streaks of 3+ games.

At first glance, this quiz may seem somewhat daunting. 93 answers?!? So many! However, a lot of players had multiple streaks, so there are actually only 39 correct answers; that should hopefully make things a bit more manageable.

Good luck!