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Opening Day Open Thread

Time to yackety yak about the ol' horsehide being slanged

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Mariners do not play today, which is sad. But baseball is starting today, which is happy. If you're plans involve sitting on the couch and watching any of today's games here's your open thread.

Cardinals @ Pirates - ESPN (Going on now whoops sorry)

  • Francisco Liriano Vs. Adam Wainwright

Blue Jays @ Rays - ESPN2 1:05 PM

  • Marcus Stroman Vs. Chris Archer

Mets @ Royals - ESPN 5:37(?) PM

  • Matt Harvey Vs. Edinson Volquez
Francisco Liriano is striking everyone out, a Cardinal is already injured, and I'm confident that both teams are vastly inferior to the Mariners, who haven't struck out even once so far.

It's sunny, it's Sunday, and there's baseball on the TV. Relax, enjoy, it's back.