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Sporcle Friday: Felix's top strikeout victims

In his most recent start, Felix Hernandez broke Randy Johnson's record for most strikeouts in Mariners history. Which players did the most to contribute to this record?

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Felix Day, everybody.

Since last week's Sporcle, Felix Hernandez did this cool thing where he struck out the 2163rd player of his career, breaking Randy Johnson's franchise record of 2162 strikeouts. Today, to celebrate this achievement, I'm asking you to name the players who King Felix has struck out 10 or more times. The 50 individuals on this list have combined for 660 Ks vs. Felix, which represents more than 30% of his career strikeouts. That's a lot! What a bunch o' chumps.

Good luck and have fun and go M's.

NOTE: The team listed in the hint corresponds to the team that a player was on when Felix struck him out for the first time.