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4/28: Rainiers Open Game thread

Donn Roach Vs. Sean Gilmartin

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

Hello, and happy off day to you and yours. Today is the day of the first, but not second through seventh rounds, of the NFL Draft. You have probably heard of it. If for some reason you do not want to sit on your couch watching a stuffy, over-sunned raisin with a Muppet toupee try to pretend like he can relate you early 20-something uber-athletes while other over-sunned raisins yell into their mic about it at each other and you, you can talk about the Tacoma Rainiers in this location.

Tonight it is Donn Roach, who was like Papa Roach in 2000 during Spring Training but has been like Papa Roach in 2016 during the PCL season, on the mound for the Mighty Men of Tacoma. Lineups aren't available at the time I'm typing this but I am sure the will exist in due time, or this will be a very chaotic baseball game.

Game Info

  • Rainiers @ 51s, 7:05 PM PDT, Cashman Field
  • TV: Nope, Radio: 850 AM, Online: MiLB.TV