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Sporcle Friday: Mariners with lengthy extra-base hit droughts

Isolated power? More like I-wish-I-had-some power.

Harry How/Getty Images

Ketel Marte has struggled at the plate so far in 2016. After his performance yesterday (1-5 with a single and a run scored), he has 53 PA on the season but has yet to hit a ball for extra bases. His wRC+ currently sits at a super wimpy 27. If we factor in his final five games from 2015, he's actually failed to record an extra base hit in 18 consecutive starts. This ongoing power outage has Ketel tied for the 78th longest consecutive-games-started-without-picking-up-an-extra-base-knock streak in franchise history... which brings us to this week's Sporcle.

Today, I'm asking you to name the 47 players who are responsible for the 77 longest extra-base hit droughts in M's history. (Note: These streaks are in terms of games started; bbref doesn't let you sort streaks by PA and "games started" seems like a better metric than simply using "games" because it weeds out streaks that were extended by pinch-hitting appearances.) Hopefully Ketel mashes a double/triple/dinger sometime this weekend and doesn't continue to climb this unfortunate leaderboard.

Good luck with the quiz, y'all.