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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam, Episode 7 with Jon Ryan

Talking baseball with a football player, yelling about this stupid schedule, talking the games in NY, and more.

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Well this week didn't give us too much to talk about thanks to a schedule that has featured three off days in the first two weeks. The Mariners had only played three games between last week's episode and this one, although the team was well on its way to last night's 3-2 loss by the time we wrapped up.

Seahawks Punter Jon Ryan stops by to talk Mariner fandom, his thoughts on the early season, his favorite spots in Safeco, and a lot more. The clear and obvious question for a football player from Saskatchewan is "why the hell are you a Mariners fan?" and Jon's answer was pretty cool. We are very thankful for his time.

The last segment is, honestly and unapologetically, some nonsense for your ears. Desert Island Mariners, and other silly stuff. Hopefully by next week's episode the team will have some more games under their belt and we can start to discuss actual trends we find encouraging/discouraging.

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Dome and Bedlam VII

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