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4/2: Open game thread

Nate Karns vs. Jordan Lyles

I'm sticking out my tongue at Spring Training
I'm sticking out my tongue at Spring Training
Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

One day more. Well, two days more for the Mariners if you want to get technical. But one day more until Real Baseball. One day more until it all counts. But before it all counts, we get a final Mariners tune up against the Rockies.

As noted, this is looks an awful lot like the lineup we might expect on Opening Day, only with a bit of reshuffling based on Cole Hamels handedness. Speaking of Cole Hamels.

You feel better real soon, Cole. Tuesday sounds great.

Seth Smith is a big dinged up (groins, man) but Servais said he could play if it were a regular season game and not, you know, a game that doesn't matter.


Game Info:

  • Mariners @ Rockies, 12:10 PM PT
  • TV: ROOT Sports
  • Radio: 710 ESPN
  • And FREE on MLB.TV