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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam Episode 6 - Dae-Ho!

Prognosticating, yelling, complaining, and unfounded claims. It's like your own personal sports talk radio station.

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Hello, good morning. Today's episode is a bit shorter, as a few guests fell through and honestly we were pretty ready to salt the earth before Dae-Ho Lee turned around Jake Diekman's fastball yesterday. The Mariners have put us through a HELL of a week, and it primarily felt nice to yell into a microphone for a few minutes to let out some emotion.

Topics today include a quick recap of the horrible homestand, a brief round of "Worried/Not worried", some Twitter questions, my 30 grade Aaron Goldsmith impression, and a stirring view into what Seattle will be like when the Mariners return to the playoffs. You'll be shocked to know David started that.

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Dome and Bedlam VI

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