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Week one for weak ones

What just happened.

What's that going on there?
What's that going on there?
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It's very early in the MLB season. For the Seattle Mariners, less than 4% of the season has been played. Tensions are running high. This can be quite annoying for some. With such a small amount of events to base our emotions off of, we tend to swing wildly around, over-analyze insignificant things, and claw viciously at those who come to different conclusions. Welcome to April.

For me, I admittedly love this time of year. I love the passion of it. While I hardly expected the M's to come out of the gates 9-0, or to be swept by the A's in the opening homestand, I am at peace. I'm happy enough with what has transpired. It feels really good just to care again. What's more, three of the four losses have been by one-run. The margins so far have been slight enough that I have yet to find cause for concern. Once again, six games. At this point, we are all wildly speculating.

Just yesterday, with a Mariners win and a Rangers loss, the M's would have ended the week in first place of the AL West. Instead, they wake up in the basement. As such, let's take a look around the rest of the MLB and see how things are shaking out for other teams and fan bases.

The Defeated:

So far the Minnesota Twins have yet to win a ballgame. My preseason pick to win the AL Central, the Twinkies are suffering from a league-relative below-average offense and defense, but certainly not horrible enough to merit a winless first week. As well, the Atlanta Braves have yet to win a game. This trend may actually hold.

The Undefeated:

In a play to flip off everyone's preseason predictions, the Baltimore Orioles have given the entire league a physical, decided they don't need it, and have rolled out an undefeated 5-0 start. Which brings me to my next thought.

This player has been more valuable than 9 MLB team offenses:

Yes, MIN, WAS, CWS, OAK, TEX, LAA, PHI, ATL, and NYM all had worse collective weeks than Mark Trumbo.

Current Playoff Teams:

As of right now, the Cincinnati Reds would be hosting a one-game, wildcard playoff against the Pirates in the National League. As well, the wildcard game in the AL would be a divisional match-up of the Tigers and White Sox in Detroit. Your AL Division winners would be the A's, Royals, and Orioles. Over in the NL, the Cubs, Giants, and Nationals are all going dancing.

Top Performances:

In case you were wondering who the top players in the league are, here is a list of the best hitters, and here are your best pitchers. Purely by performance, Edinson Volquez and Johnny Cueto are your Cy Young Winners, your AL MVP is Tyler White and Dexter Fowler takes the hardware in the NL.

Do you see any of these early-season performances as here to stay for the next 96% of the season?

This is all to say: