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Are Mariner fans disloyal?

Only the hardest hitting analysis can tell us.

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

No. No they are not. Yes this study purposefully substitutes the term "loyalty" for "quality of product" and "do fans go to games to watch historically bad product". Yes this is done to rouse the average fan to righteous indignation, and to retweet on Twitter, share on Facebook, and "go viral".

Yes this was of course picked up by a local reporter who only drops in to talk about the Mariners the one or two times a year that the same well-scarred necks are presented for another tired swing of the same old rusty ax.

No, none of this says anything about anything, other than the Mariners have historically lost a lot of baseball games, and as such aren't as popular as other teams, both in this city and others, who win a lot. It is possible that winning leads to popularity. Here, let me do a study:

Yep. Turns out that's true.

No, you are not a disloyal fanbase. Yes it is Monday and I strongly dislike having media, national and local, already leaping to discuss fan quality one week into the season. No, I have no intention of paying this nonsense anymore due than the two hundred and eleven words in this article.

No. You all are fine.