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3/9: Open game thread

Walker vs. Strahm

Be swift.
Be swift.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

This morning has been filled with some pretty bummertastic news out of the M's bullpen so let's move on to the lineups and hope for an absolute smacking of the Kansas City Kendrys Morales':

Taijuan Walker is looking to build off his early impressive outings and is backed by a full compliment of 25-man candidates (Gabby, we're looking at you). As well, to prove my clairvoyance once and for all, I can assure you of the following substitutions:

Dae-Ho is supposed to get a few innings at first, meaning we see all three Lind platoon partners in one fell swoop. Let's hope for a mid-week thrashing to get our collective mood a little sunnier after this morning's injury updates.