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Podcast: Dome and Bedlam - Episode II

Let's get loud.

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Another Friday brings our second stab at David Skiba, Scott Weber and myself talking Mariners, beer, music, and somehow much, much more. This time we answer a few of your emails, try to get a #brand going, throw three darts at the musical dartboard, somehow skip over the 4-5 beers David expresses his intention to drink, and a whole lot of Mariners discussion, as Spring Training gets underway.

Dome and Bedlam II

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Soundcloud is embedded here for your convenience, be it your jam:

We're planning on getting more of your questions and/or a baseball oriented guest on for next week. If you have any questions or feedback please leave them down below in the comments. We're having a lot of fun doing this so far, so thanks for listening.

(Music credits: Jennifer LopezMario LanzaFrightened Rabbit)