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UPDATE: Lookout Landing Baseball Game

Introducing the first annual Danny Tartabull Lookout Landing Actual Baseball Memorial.

actual field
actual field


There is nothing new to update. The game is tomorrow. Attend.

1590 NW 90th St, 
Seattle, WA 98117


The field has been reserved. We'll be playing on the baseball field at Soundview, in Crown Hill. It's the one on the top left in the picture above. (Veterans: we played softball there in 2014.)

Date: April 30. Time: 1:00 PM, until they kick us off or until we're too injured to field nine.

See you there.


Every once in a while, when I feel like organizing it, the Lookout Landing community assembles for a game of good old fashioned American softball. In 2013, the creatively-named Team 2 won the day with its strategy of hitting infinite singles. Last fall, fearless leader Nathan Bishop took home the blood-smeared trophy. This year, we meet early, because I don't feel like waiting. And so:

Date: April 30, 2016
Time: sometime in the afternoon, depends on the reservation
Place: somewhere in North Seattle hopefully

Please note one important distinction between this year's festivities and those of years past: this year, we are playing baseball, not softball. We are playing baseball because we love baseball, and we watch baseball, and it's kind of weird that we don't play baseball.

So this is what we'll do. We're going to, as best as possible, replicate the semiprofessional experience of old-fashioned, awkward baseball. We will use wood bats. We will not use batting helmets. We will not use catching gear. (We will probably use catching gear. Does anyone have catching gear?) We will use synthetic grass infields, because that's the only kind you can play on these days. It's 2016, and concessions will have to be made.

What we will not do is play hard. Baseball as an actual sport seems to frighten people, and I don't want people to feel frightened, particularly if they worry they aren't good enough. You will be good enough. Anyone who tries to pitch with even a modicum of effort will be banned from the mound. We're going to play baseball, and we're probably all going to suck at it, and we're probably going to have a good time.

More details as they become available. But plan to bring a glove, a couple of balls, a couple of bucks to cover the field reservation, and a month-old mustache. Lurkers/friends/significant others/children welcome. RSVP so we can get a headcount. Thanks!