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Mariners lose the worst game of baseball ever played by two able teams

Seriously, check the books.

AAAAAND 24 more times.
AAAAAND 24 more times.
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The Seattle Mariners lost 13-12 to the Oakland A's. The wind was blowing straight out to right field. This was maybe the worst game of baseball played by professionals, yet here we are. The short version of the recap ends after this highlight of a Luis Sardinas 5th-inning GRAND SLAM that was absolutely tatered.

See if you just forget the rest of the game it was pretty cool. You will notice that at the moment of the swing the score was 9-7 A's.

The rest of the game was far less enjoyable for fans of both squads, and certainly intolerable for those in attendance as one Nathan Bishop gave us testimonial that it was "Very cold" and the bar he left for by mid-game had "Great beers." However, a brief synopsis will include the fact that at some point, now days ago, Nate Karns started this game. While his command was not amazing the entire game was played with probably the dumbest strike zone since, well, since Roenis Elias' debut. Notice that one green pitch that is essentially in the heart of the plate. Now imagine that happening for four hours.

Karns got dusted for two runs in the first, and another three in the second, facing some bad luck on ground balls against the shift. He did drop this absolute hammer on Billy Butler though, which is funny, because, you know, the A's signed Billy Butler.

Sweet, sweet Moneyball.

Karns would exit with one out in the 3rd, with the Mariners losing 9-7. Yes. The teams had exchanged thirteen outs, yet had scored sixteen runs.

For what it's worth, the Mariner offense really showed up and put a hurt on the A's staff, aided by the winds. Chris Ianetta and Luis Sardinas had four RBIs apiece, and Nori Aoki and Seth Smith also chipped in with two hits each. The M's took four walks and while that felt like decent level of Z C-ing, the pitching staff did not follow suit. M's pitchers walked in two runs, and allowed eight walks, something I'm sure Scott Servais will touch on at tomorrow morning's meetings which are probably postponed by several hours.

Honestly, this game is essentially a blur, and while I took notes, it was such a shitshow of a baseball game that - hold on, a man whose last name is WAWOE pinch ran in the 6th - I sorta just want us all to forget it happened. Blake Parker looked solid in his inning of relief, Sardinas is really pushing the question of he vs. O'Malley for the 25th Man, Cishek and Nuno also both looked palatable in their outings.

Let's do the real baseball very soon and everyone sleep and stay healthy.

love and goms